Starck 2 Washbasin ground
with overflow, with tap platform, hardware included, hardware included, wall-mounted, Design by Philippe Starck
Product information
Starck furniture Vanity unit wall-mounted
2 pull-out compartments, 1 countertop with one cut-out or two cut-outs, Design by Philippe Starck
Product information

Starck 2

Design by Philippe Starck

My Favorites

Reduced forms, attractive price. Or vice-versa.

A true Starck, but less elaborate: this was the inspiration behind the second Duravit – Philippe Starck collaboration. The result: Starck 2, a range of ceramics that is the ultimate successor to its famous predecessor, Starck 1. Starck 2 also derives its inspiration from the origins of bathroom design: the ceramic forms embody the flowing movement of water and allow us to see the bathroom through a new set of eyes. Starck 2 – the bathroom as a source.


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