Duravit Designer Dream Bath Competition

Duravit is pleased to announce the winners of its fourth annual Designer Dream Bath Competition! The winners of both the Built and Unbuilt categories demonstrated how Duravit products enhance and elevate bathroom spaces, incorporating some of Duravit's most popular recent collections.
The winner of the Unbuilt project category, Eduardo Lam of ASD | SKY (Atlanta, GA) will receive $10,000 in Duravit products to meet his personal design goals. In the Built project category, Bronwyn Breitner & Luigi Ciaccia of 590BC, LLC (Brooklyn, NY) were named the winners and will receive $5,000 worth of Duravit product. Honorable Mentions were also selected in both categories: Wayne Turett of The Turett Collaborative (New York, NY) and Oliver Valle (Brooklyn, NY) in the Unbuilt category and Melinda O'Connor of Melinda Kelson O’Connor Designs (Philadelphia, PA) in the Built category.

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