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MIX OF PRACTICALITY, QUALITY AND COMFORT. The family bathroom has to meet the needs of all generations. It’s the one room in the house where young foam fighters can have great fun and later, as teenagers, go on to create pandemonium in the mornings. All this means that the bathroom's furnishing should meet the highest requirements in terms of durability, practicality and robustness. At the same time, parents see the bathroom as a private, welcoming space for comfort and relaxation. It is a delicate balancing act that Duravit masters to perfection with the Ketho and 2nd floor ranges. The high-quality workmanship behind the ranges offers long-term durability, even when subjected to the high energy activity of children. The ceramics and furniture, mirrors, mirrored cabinets and mobile units are available in various dimensions and designs for maximum planning freedom and to ensure an optimum layout.
Ketho, the customized bathroom series

As a visual link between the bathroom's ceramics and tub, the choice of bathroom furniture has a decisive influence on the overall mood of the bathroom. As such, Duravit chose to collaborate with an infallible furniture designer, Christian Werner, when developing its Ketho collection.

Ketho: rectangular forms and aluminum strip handles

For Ketho, Werner started to “think furniture into the bathroom” and designed a range that is flexible enough to suit any modern bathroom setting. The Ketho series is characterized by clean, rectangular forms with a delicate frame that adds a special subtlety to the furniture.
The second characteristic feature of Ketho is a continuous aluminum strip handle on the furniture doors and drawers, positioned at rhythmical intervals. Recessed between the wooden surfaces, it is also extremely comfortable to use for people of all generations.


The furniture is robust and durable in every respect. Each furniture component of the series features a protective melamine resin coating and bonded, waterproof edges that can withstand a great deal of splashing around. Thanks to the integrated SoftClose function with silicon end dampers, doors always close smoothly and quietly and, in so doing, spare both the user’s fingers and the furniture.


Different décors highlight the refinement in form: White, Basalt and Graphite add subtlety, while Garnet Red creates a powerful blaze of color. The matt structure of the surfaces makes them pleasant to the touch. Ketho offers consistent design across the boards, thus creating a harmonious overall appearance with which everyone can identify throughout the years and generations. Combined with good value for money, Ketho is the ideal range for

today's modern family bathroom.

Combined with good value for money, Ketho becomes the ideal range for the modern and demanding family bathroom.

2nd floor – a complete bathroom range that meets the highest requirements

When designing the 2nd floor bathroom series, Sieger Design set out to create a comfortable ambience that, with many new options, sets new standards for today’s family bathroom. The overall feel of the 2nd floor series is friendly and inviting. Its design is characterized by elegant proportions, sophisticated details and the harmony of subtle lines.
The practical aspects have not been neglected either. High quality material, practicality and a modern aesthetic come together to ensure a lasting life: with ceramics, furniture, bathtubs and shower trays in a wide variety of dimensions, easy-care wood and lacquered surfaces ranging from Rosewood, Ebony and Oak to White High Gloss, it’s possible to design timeless bathrooms that suit all tastes and needs. 2n floor. comprising a wealth of product options and combinations, offers refreshingly good value for money in its market segment - with an added value in terms of variety and design.

Surfaces ranging from Rosewood, Ebony and Oak to White High Gloss.

Generous on the interior, the shallow design of the washbasins and bathtubs pair perfectly with their slimline exteriors. The 2nd floor range includes everything from the powder room to the large double washbasin that, depending on requirements, can be matched with wall-hung or floorstanding furniture. The vanity drawers and doors are soft-close to protect both the users and the furniture. Mirrors and mirrored cabinets couldn’t be easier to operate: a switch on the wall turns them on, and once lit, they provide a warm, comfortable atmosphere for daily bath rituals.


The 2nd floor bathtubs are items of furniture in their own right since, in addition to the built-in versions, there are also various models available with wood panelling. An optional step features practical support that doubles as a towel rail. These many practical details ensure that day-to-day life in the bathroom runs smoothly and comfortable.

Duravit Series for your family bathroom

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