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Specially for use in the kitchen. Ceramic materials already demonstrate an impressive robustness in day-to-day use in the bathroom. However, in the kitchen, they have to meet additional requirements.
Specially for use in the kitchen.
Extra impact-resistant, extra robust. Ceramic is simply unbeatable: it is resistant to extremes of temperatures, does not take on odors or fl avors and is also lightfast and hygienic. Not for nothing is it used as standard wherever hygiene is a must. As a natural raw material, it is non-hazardous during manufacture and also extremely durable. For years,
ceramics from Duravit have also been putting their qualities to the test in the bathroom. And because requirements are even higher in the kitchen, Duravit developers have now come up with a new variant that goes by the name of DuraCeram® – a special mass that features greater impact resistance and robustness.

Robust qualities that make this material predestined for use in the central hub of the kitchen - and ones which Philippe Starck came to appreciate while developing his design. During the course of his collaboration with Duravit, the designer had worked closely with ceramic to create four unique collections. This joint collaboration, which revolutionized the bathroom, now aims to set new standards in product design for the kitchen. Similar to the bathroom design process, the product development phase was very much a game of give and take for all parties involved. In the beginning there were three proposals. The next step involved filtering out just one of these – the best one.

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