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  • Ein Bauwerk der Superlative

    A superb tower is currently being built in the United Arab Emirates: Burj Dubai. Built by Emaar Properties, the tower already is the tallest building in the world and will stand over 700 metres high when completed. The tower will feature the “barrel” that is made by German manufacturer, Duravit. In the last 20 years, this bathroom manufacturer with headquarters in Hornberg in the Black Forest has successfully pursued an explicit design strategy and, in collaboration with high-profile names such as Philippe Starck, Sieger Design and Lord Norman Foster, has developed bathroom and wellness products that stand out not only on the strength of their unusual design but also their good value for money. “We offer everything in bathroom design, ranging from jeans to dinner jacket”, says Franz Kook, Management Board Chairman of Duravit. The “barrel” is a vanity unit designed for Duravit by Philippe Starck in 1994. He was inspired by primitive forms, such as the washing bowl, bucket, hand pump and nail. Over the years, the “Starck barrel” has become Duravit’s best-selling item of bathroom furniture and it is now moving into the luxury skyscraper. Duravit will deliver more than 1,000 barrels to Dubai, as well as almost 4,000 WCs and bidets and more than 1,600 baths and whirltubs. This very pleasing contract is worth millions. A complete service that will doubtlessly open more doors and perhaps also a few more towers for the German bathroom manufacturer.
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