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  • Yoo Pune – Modern Residential Paradise in the Rain Forest

    India - colourful and full of contradictions: rapidly pushing forward in the fields of IT and high-tech and yet still dominated by a traditional caste system. Tourists are attracted by the allure of fairytale palaces, whereas business people are enticed by the glassy skyscrapers. Abundant wealth exists alongside steadily growing slums. Nowhere else do the old and the new exist in such sharp contrast. The aspiring, modern India has the courage to take on new ideas and also the means to turn them into reality. So it’s the ideal place for Philippe Starck’s latest and first Indian project: Yoo Pune, a residential paradise for families situated in the heart of nature, sustainable, safe, luxurious and .... inspired by Starck.

    He has chosen Hadapsar for his project. This is India's first settlement to be certified for its environmental awareness and is located just a few kilometres away from the centre of the district capital of Pune in the state of Maharashtra. Boasting theatres and museums, it is the cultural centre of the region and, at the same time, a prosperous industrial city with branches of the country’s automotive, IT and film industry established here. Thanks to Pune University, one of the best in the country, the city is also known as the “Oxford of the East". A prosperous upper class has settled here that wants to benefit from the infrastructure and proximity of the city, as well as to enjoy family life in natural surroundings.

    In collaboration with Indian project developer Panchshils Realty, the Yoo Pune residential park will be completed by 2014 on an area spanning 6.8 hectares. A combination of sustainability and intelligent luxury, six towers rise up out of the landscape and offer amazing views of an historic rain forest with trees that are up to 100 years old. International landscape architect Bill Bensley minimised the impact on the surrounding natural environment.

    Philippe Starck has developed two interior styles for the future residents of Yoo Pune. “Classic” is elegant and timeless. It is tasteful and inspired by traditional Indian interiors with dark wooden floors and sombre tones. “Nature” is in tune with the surrounding tropical nature. With light wooden floors and lots of natural light. Light Italian marble creates a sophisticated but understated backdrop and is ideal for showcasing individual elements.

    Philippe Starck continues the principle of combining understated, beautifully finished surfaces with carefully selected individual pieces in the bathrooms. Here, too, the walls and floors are clad in light Italian marble. The bathtub is sunk into a marble block that stands in front of a large window. The tropical views add a further dimension to luxuriating in a relaxing bath. The wash bowl from Duravit’s Starck 1 range is placed on a marble-topped table. Philippe Starck also designed the bathtub and toilets for various Duravit series.

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Year of Construction
opening from 2011-2014

Hadapsar, Pune, India

228 luxury flats

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