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  • Fallen from the sky.

    At night, when the interior is projected to the outside world, the Concert House of the Danish radio broadcasting station looks as if it has come from another world. The shell of the building comprises an enormous glass cube which is encased by a blue projection surface. In the evening, passers-by can see who's playing inside the building. Concert-goers are welcomed into an enormous foyer. Spacious ambulatories lead from the foyer to the four concert halls of varying sizes. A meteor was the inspiration for the amorphous design of the large concert hall, which forms the heart of the building and offers seating for 1800 people. The hall, which rests on six pillars and is suspended between three stair towers, appears to hover in the glass cube. The meteor look is also enhanced by the unusually rough materials selected for the foyer and access areas of the concert house: exposed concrete and plywood. The furnishing – flexible containers designed by Nouvel – seems to be provisional and suits every situation. This makes the inside of the hall all the more effective. The tiers of seats and ramps stacked around the orchestra's podium in organic curves look like natural geological formations. Differently-treated wood types showcased by light effects enhance the impression created by the layers of rock. Various light sources accentuate the rooms in the foyer and the outer areas creating a totally unique, almost unreal atmosphere.

Concert House

Jean Nouvel, France

Danish Radio Copenhagen

Interior Designer
Jean Nouvel, France

Year of Construction
2003 - 2009

Orestad, Copenhagen, Denmark

building area 21,000 sqm,
architecture: translucent cube
with 4 concert studios inside.
Main auditorium seats
1800 people.

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