Vero Vanity basin
drop-in basin, Design by Duravit, with overflow, with faucet deck, cUPC® listed*
Product information
Ketho Mirror with lighting
Design by Christian Werner, cEGS/IAPMO®*, 1 sensor switch bottom right, LED dimming function, LED (life span > 30,000 hours), LED module permanently enclosed, mirrors require a...
Product information
Ketho Semi-tall cabinet
1 door, Design by Christian Werner, 2 glass shelves, 1 wooden shelf
Product information
Vero Design by Duravit
ME by Starck Design by Philippe Starck
D-Neo Pop
White Tulip Nature
White Tulip Culture
1930 Design by Duravit
Bagnella Design by sieger design
D-Code Design by sieger design
Darling New Design by sieger design
Delos Design by EOOS
Delos Design by EOOS
DuraStyle Design by Matteo Thun & Partners
DuraStyle Design by Matteo Thun
Ketho Design by Christian Werner
Ketho Design by Christian Werner
Starck 3 Design by Philippe Starck
Vero Design by Kurt Merki Jr.
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